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All information relating to documentation and legal requirements stated here are for British Passport holders only.

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Your Questions Answered

Is the price of the wedding package included in my holiday?

No - the wedding package is separate from the cost of your holiday.

Is it a religious ceremony?

The only Christian religion present in Lapland is Lutheran. Lutheran priests may only provide blessings for members of other religions undertaking marriage ceremonies in Lapland and therefore you must agree to be married in a civil ceremony.

Is this recognised as a marriage in the UK ?

Yes this is a legal marriage.

Can we have extra copies of the marriage certificate?

No, you will receive two copies in total. You cannot order extra. Remember you can't get a replacement in this country for any lost marriage certificate.

Is the price of paperwork in the UK included in the wedding package?

No - we suggest setting aside an additional £300 to cover the cost of all paperwork in the UK as you will have registrar, notary and Foreign Office fees to pay.

Will it be dark during our stay?

An average Lapland winter day will provide 4 - 5 hours of what is termed 'greylight' (generally between 10am and 2:30pm Finnish time, although this will vary up to one hour based on location). When the sky is clear this can be clear blue skies with the most amazing colours.

How far in advance do I need to book?

12 weeks prior to your wedding date is the absolute minimum due to the paperwork requirements. You need to allow enough time to apply for your non-impediment to marriage certificate as this can take up to 22 days to be issued from the date of request from your local register office. Holidays can be booked from 1 year before approx. The magistrate and venue can be booked before the holiday to reserve special dates.

When can I get married in Lapland?

The Levi Ice Castle, Aurora View and Snow Village will be available from mid December – March. Northern Lights House venue will be available all year round, however, if you would like to get married in the Summer, Spring and Autumn seasons we would have to arrange schedule flights which go via Helsinki. Yes they do have a summer and it can be just as picturesque that time of of the year.

Can I book flowers, wedding cake and a hairdresser through you?

You can book the cake and flowers through ourselves, however, we prefer for client's to sort out their own hairdresser (we would be happy to provide you with the contacts). We can arrange hand-made bouquets, button holes and flowers at the altar. Please inform us at least 10 weeks prior to the wedding of your preferred colour scheme and flower choice. Please note that roses last the longest in these Arctic temperatures, however even these wilt over a 24 hr period.

How do I choose my wedding meal, and where will this be held?

Lapland Weddings will only book the after wedding meal at their chosen venue which is normally a set menu. Most wedding parties take their meal in their holiday resort and we can provide information on different restaurants and menus available. However, as much as e can provide contact details and information, the client must deal with the restaurant themselves.

What temperature is it going to be at the wedding venue?

The Snow Village, Aurora View and Ice Castle are inside snow/ice structures and will be about -4 in the venue. If you are arriving by Reindeer or Snowmobile at any venue it may be considerably colder depending on the temperature outside (temperatures have been known to reach -37). If you choose to get married in the Northern Lights House this will be indoors with heated floor and normal indoor temperatures.

What are the distances from the Resorts to the venue?

  • Levi – Ice Castle - 15–20min
  • Levi – Snow Village - 40–50min
  • Levi – Northern Lights House- 15–20min
  • Ylläs – Ice Castle - 40–50min
  • Ylläs – Snow Village - 15–20min
  • Ylläs – Northern Lights House- 40–50min

What should I wear on my Wedding Day?

It depends on which venue you are getting married at. Please remember, in the ice building it is going to be a minus temperature, so make sure you wear something that will keep you warm and suitable footwear for snow and ice. If you are planning on wearing a strapless dress we recommend taking a fur shawl. Fur cloaks with hoods are ideal and look lovely.

How will I know if there is any changes to the Wedding Day once I'm in Finland?

The Wedding co-ordinator will phone you on your mobile once you are in Lapland. Please ensure that your phone allows international calls from Finland BEFORE you leave the UK.

Should I pre-book my Optional Extras & Safaris?

On the 7 night departures we recommend that Husky/Reindeer/Snowmobile Safaris are booked in resort at the welcome meeting. The days of these trips are not arranged until close to your departure and there is the possibility of a clash with the wedding. If you have pre-booked them you would not be refunded and they are easily bookable in resort.

Help for disabled and severely ill persons

Please note that in respect of disabled parties special assistance, specially adapted vehicles, sleighs, disabled harnesses etc. are not provided within the normal cost. Within the normal cost local staff will be pleased to help and assist but they are not trained either in the technical style of paraplegic lifting or specific disabled assistance. (If additional services are required these should be requested and quotation obtained).
Please see the ABTA Checklist for Disabled and Less Mobile Passengers, on www.abta.com